Is Your Organization in Sync?

BSG helps organizations improve management competency with applied improvisation

Is Your Organization in Sync?

BSG helps organizations improve management competency with applied improvisation

Boston Strategy Group

The Leader in Applied Improvisational Programs

BSG conceptualizes, designs, and delivers innovative organizational development programs for executives, managers, and professional staff which improve organization effectiveness, leadership and management competencies. We use a unique and innovative approach based on Applied Improvisation (AIM) principles.

How Your Organization Benefits

Rooted in rigorous, recent, scientific research from leading universities, our programs are crafted to help your organization navigate a complex, ambiguous world filled with new challenges.

Enhance Team Performance



Improve Creativity Faster Problem Solving

Respond Quicker to Ambiguity

Who Will Benefit

From Your Applied Improvisation Program

Whether your firm is in the information technology, financial services, life science, biotech, manufacturing, or higher education sectors, we have dedicated relevant, and focused programs to suit your needs.

Our custom workshops can benefit executives, management, staff professionals, and graduate students

Customized Programs

Over 50 topics in 6 Major Categories

Based on insight from prominent global executives and management faculty we have created over 50 base curricula in six major business competencies, including leadership, emotional awareness, team-building, innovation, collaboration, and communication; each can be adapted to our client’s market environment, professional staff needs and HR objectives.

How Our Programs are Utilized

We believe that innovative AIM programs can turn professional staff, managers, and executive leaders into great improvisers better able to deftly respond to challenging, ambiguous, and ever-changing competitive, community, and regulatory environments.

Our Programs can be tailored to a client’s specific needs and requirements and are frequently used:
  • In Orientation or On-boarding Sessions
  • As a Tactic in a Learning & Development Strategy
  • For Management Off-Site and Executive Retreats
  • To Enhance Organizational Integration During Mergers and Acquisition
  • As Programs to Enhance Team Building and Cooperation
  • For Company Sponsored Supplemental Evening or Luncheon Programs
  • As Certifications for Management Advancement
  • As Part of a Skills and Job Role Training Program
  • As a way to Rebuild Collaboration and Communications during a return to the office


Percentage of large firms doing


MBA programs teaching


Supporting scientific studies

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See the transformative effects of AIM on companies and universities like yours.