As a leading educational service firm creating unique, innovative, and highly effective programs to improve interpersonal and management competencies, BSG is frequently in the news.

Our thought leaders are often are invited to share our novel thought capital and corporate research in leading popular and industry publications where our concepts and ideas are published for critique, comment, instructional, and educational purposes.

Our professional staff is often asked to provide comments, perspectives, and outlooks on pressing business, leadership, human resources, and related organizational issues by news journalists, broadcast media, magazine reporters, and industry-focused bloggers. 

We publish, annually, the world’s leading curated bibliography of applied improvisation articles and relevant academic research.  In addition, many of our management models, frameworks, and points of view are available for public download, academic reference, instructional use, and critique.  This work receives global attention and is used by many leading management researchers. 

Our executives are frequently invited to deliver keynote presentations; to speak at industry conferences; to deliver perspective at corporate meetings, and to take part in conference panel discussions on a wide range of business issues.  Whenever possible, our presentation materials are available for download for the public.

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