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Speaking Events

BSG staff are frequently sought after to deliver presentations on Applied Improvisation (AIM) and participate in panel discussions at industry conferences and regional business meetings. Topics include an introduction to AIM; the benefits it provides; how it relates to management and executive behavior, it’s key principles, and how it enhances management competency. Furthermore, staff members are encouraged to provide their perspectives on relevant podcast programs and other media platforms. Whenever possible, we make our discussions and presentation materials publicly available for download.

Applied Improvisation, a 21st Century Management Skill

Human Resource Association of Southern New Jersey

February, 2024

The HRA of Southern New Jersey invited BSG to present at their event, highlighting Applied Improvisation (AIM) as an innovative learning process rooted in theatrical improv. The presentation emphasized AIM’s role in enhancing business function by building team trust, improving adaptability in uncertain situations, and fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity, ultimately creating new value within organizations.

Engaging Professional Staff with Applied Improvisation

Boston University Alumni Association

November, 2022

The Boston University alumni association invited BSG to present on how improvisation instruction will better engage professional staff, enhance trust both between colleagues and amongst managers, generate productivity and lead to increased profitability in large organizations.

Applied Improvisation in Business

Rhode Island Society of Human Resource Management

October, 2022

The Rhode Island state chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management invited BSG to present on Applied Improvisation in Business at their October Lunch and Learn series.  The presentation included foundations of improvisation theory, how it is connected to business, and what management competencies it can improve.

An Applied Improvisation Model for Management

Applied Improvisation Network Conference

July, 2022

BSG was invited to speak at the annual 2022 Applied Improvisation Network conference held in Avila, Spain.  Our presentation centered a model connection management with improvisational principles, and how those principles can guide business decision making in ambiguous or uncertain situations.

Improvisation, a Needed Business Skill

Boston University Center for Career Development

April, 2022

For career advisors and managers at Boston University, BSG presented on the importance of improvisation instruction as part of a business curriculum for professional staff, management, and executives.

Panel on Career Choices and Career Skills

Boston University Questrom School of Business

February, 2022

BSG was invited to speak at a panel for MBA students at Boston University on career choices and the necessary skills to succeed in an executive position.  We described many of the management competencies necessary, and how to gain experience in those skills.

Improvisation from a Business Perspective

University of Krems

May, 2021

As part of a multi-year study, BSG participated in a presentation series for the Improvisation Science seminar for the University of Krems located in Krems, Austria. These were delivered by leading improvisation practitioners from across the globe. We presented a rigorous model and framework for leveraging improvisational principles to improve management and executive behavior.