Boston Strategy Group conceptualizes, designs, and delivers applied improvisation (AIM) programs for corporations, healthcare institutions, and universities. We help increase organizational capability by improving leadership skills, enhancing collaboration and communication capabilities, and making professional staff, management, and executives more aware and conscious of their leadership styles. We help synchronize firms, business units, and teams towards organizational objectives.

As an organizational development and educational services firm, we take a professional view of organizational purpose and the need to provide quantifiable value to everything we do.

While technical and data literacy are foundational skills for every 21st-century organization, we believe that an individual’s ability to relate, communicate, collaborate, and connect are critical and vital skills. Developing these skills better enables organizations to recruit, engage, and retain quality staff to achieve a firm’s mission. We believe that organizations that help all staff connect and form a sense of community and inclusion are far more successful.

Our clients are drawn primarily from large, prestigious New England firms where such skills are critical to success. We deliver our programs to six market segments: financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, and higher education.

We distinguish ourselves from other organizational development firms by our singular focus on leveraging applied improvisation techniques, our quantitative methods of program evaluation, and our highly refined service process. We separate ourselves from “improv theaters” offering related services in that having fun is not the goal. Organizational improvement is, and we have built our programs with well-trained professionals and based on rigorous models of organizational behavior.