BSG conceptualizes, designs, and delivers innovative Applied Improvisation (AIM) programs that improve organizational capabilities.

AIM programs can be oriented toward professional staff, managers, or senior executives, and each program has a carefully calibrated set of goals and objectives.  Programs range from short-duration single workshops to longer, more complex syllabi conducted over a multi-week or multi-month periods consisting of a series of related and integrated topics.

After several initial no-cost discussions and based on client needs, BSG prepares a formal business proposal.

Upon proposal acceptance, we initiate a set of short structured interviews with client stakeholders to build an understanding and consensus of program goals, scope, and potential participants.  This is documented and confirmed with executive sponsors and we rapidly design a focused curriculum addressing clients’ wishes, needs, and objectives.  We create an empirical process to measure program effectiveness using our library of pre-set evaluation elements.  Lastly, we assist clients, as necessary, in building program interest among staff and with any unique logistical requirements.  We then deliver the designed program and measure our results using the evaluation framework.  Given the program’s success, clients frequently expand the range of our joint efforts.

Our work proceeds quickly, given our past experience and extensive library of existing program materials.

AIM programs are frequently used to boost organizational culture; as an element of leadership and management development; as part of new staff member hire or orientation programs; as motivational and team building tools at sales and executive retreats; in learning and development curriculums; or as a component of formal corporate or university educational classes.