Services Portfolio

Organizational Development & Educational Programs

BSG offers a premier level of professional services to our clients.  Our efforts are focused on delivering an extremely high-quality, specialized educational event that provides measurable client value and improves an organization’s business capability.  We aspire to become long-term, trusted advisors to our clients.  Our services include specialized advice, guidance, and actionable solutions that enhance client function.

While most of our clients are large firms, all have different strategies, capabilities, goals, and objectives, each with a unique company culture.  As a result, we work closely with clients to conceptualize, design, craft, and deliver a customized educational experience for professional staff, managers, and executive personnel.  Our programs are tailored to client needs, requirements, wishes, aims, objectives, goals, budgets, and constraints.

Professional Educational Services

BSG designs its organizational development services to improve business capabilities.  These unique educational programs are devised to achieve many potential objectives, including:

  • Improvements in leadership, collaboration, communications, and creativity;
  • Enriched management understanding and competency;
  • Positive changes in organizational culture;
  • Facilitation of team-building, onboarding, and networking opportunities; and
  • Enhanced morale, enthusiasm, and excitement about new business initiatives.

Modular Approach

BSG utilizes a modular “Lego-like” approach in creating its educational programs.  This approach enables us to tailor or customize our programs to client needs quickly and cost-effectively.

In most cases, a client’s unique situation and business and human resource objectives will require a highly focused, tailored, and personalized program that precisely meets organizational culture and goals.  To do this, BSG made a considerable investment in formulating pre-set educational modules and components that can be rapidly assembled into custom programs.  AIM programs can then be conceptualized and delivered quickly and for a reasonable cost.

Some Examples

Introductory Leadership Program

A client may be most interested in developing a motivated group of new team leaders’ emerging management skills.  We would create a three-session workshop program for such a client–of two hours each–introducing and practicing critical team leadership and supervisory skills.  Such a program is often combined with concrete reading materials and serves to coach new managers in fundamental aspects of team leadership in a uniform and professional manner.

Orientation and Networking

As firms hire large groups of new employees, human resource departments are often challenged to effectively orient and onboard these employees, communicate corporate norms and cultures, and enable networking opportunities.  Clients frequently ask us to augment their orientation programs to help onboard and familiarize new professional staff to allow new employees’ smooth and practical introduction.  In conjunction with existing managers, such programs help build trust, collaboration skills, and team-building competencies.

Graduate Education

A common concern of employers is that new MBAs, while well-schooled in technology and data analysis, lack sufficient personal awareness to function effectively and progress in a large organizational setting.  Many graduate MBA programs are thus increasingly focused on furthering such leadership and communications skills.  For MBA programs, we frequently deliver AIM programs that safely enable students to interact and develop their trust, listening, communications, presentation, and leadership skills.

Corporate Presentations

Senior BSG staff offer a wide range of keynote and related executive presentations on the importance of interpersonal and collaboration competencies in today’s ambiguous and rapidly changing business environments.  These presentations are delivered at association conferences, at corporate events, and to management, executive, and board personnel at luncheons or off-site meetings.  They are often sponsored by a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) and can be delivered on several relevant topics.  Frequently, interactive discussions and creative solutions to pressing issues emerge.

Corporate Humor / Corporate Improv Performances

For selected clients, who appreciate the value of improvisation in addressing complex and ambiguous business issues, BSG—working closely with human resource staff—can conceptualize, arrange and produce highly relevant and focused improv performances for corporate gatherings such as sales strategy meetings, employee achievement events, or executive retreats.  These programs draw upon theater professionals highly skilled in delivering improv to audiences worldwide.

These programs, while not instructional, can illustrate and address—in an amusing, lighthearted, and engaging manner— the major issues a firm is handling.  Depending on client wishes, such programs can include audience participation that deepens and enriches the event.  These shows are often a welcome relief from the stuffiness, dull, dry aspects of significant formal organizational gatherings.