The success of a professional services firm is based on the creativity, critical thinking, and capabilities of its staff.  Our people are drawn from backgrounds in business strategy, management, organizational development, human resources, theater, educational design, and teaching.  They meld all of these disciplines into their work.  Their problem solving, communications, collaboration, and diplomatic skills deliver value to each client’s unique situation and to achieving a client’s objectives.  Our staff have an understanding of the underlying science of AIM enabling them to build long term, trusted client relationships, that serve to advance our client’s interests.

We’ve established and maintain several independent advisory boards to provide objective guidance on industry issues, current research, theatrical innovations that can be applied to management, and with business school faculty who are studying emerging management issues.

We maintain close professional connections with a number of international research universities, business and performing arts school faculty undertaking academic research into Applied Improvisation and Organizational Improvisation.  Our own staff also continue to contribute to a research base of knowledge in the field.  Several of our staff are members of the Applied Improvisation Network, a global organization of practitioners in the field.

Our corporate culture is inclusive, creative, and based on the values of Applied improvisation.  We are consistently looking for well qualified staff members who support these values and enjoy working on a supportive and creative, yet highly business-oriented environment.