Applied Improvisation (AIM) is a group or team-based activity that raises self-awareness, builds interpersonal connections, and enables individuals to enhance their management competency. AIM is an established and rapidly growing educational field based on expanding scientific research. Initially drawn from the performing arts and social sciences, AIM is now extensively and successfully applied in business, healthcare, government, science, and social policy, among many other fields.

AIM research is now conducted at several of the world’s leading academic centers. Many leading schools now offer advanced coursework; it is a requirement and a popular elective at universities worldwide. There are many excellent examples and cases where AIM has enriched organizational culture, enabled quantifiable improvements in institutional value, and improved management competency. A growing body of published psychological, organizational development, and business research is now documenting and demonstrating the importance of AIM programs. Since 2010, the Applied Improvisation Network, a global organization of practitioners, has hosted an annual conference and served as a forum for developments in the field.