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Leadership and Planning in an Ambiguous World

Supply Chain Management Review (

By Theodore Klein

November, 2022

The accelerating pace of business change requires executives to no longer rely solely on formal business planning. With stability being a thing of the past, navigating this new world clouded by ambiguity requires an innovative approach to crisis planning leadership. Through the adoption of the values and principles that AIM is based on, business executives will enhance their abilities to embrace uncertainty and react accordingly to unforeseen situations. In doing so, executives will reshape their approach to leadership to effectively address modern challenges and ready themselves for the next unavoidable crisis.

Improvisation – a key skill for the 21st century leader

Training Journal (

By Theodore Klein

September, 2022

Almost every human resource executive today is besieged by the accelerating pace of the work environment. And all levels of management are increasingly burdened with steering their companies through these confusing and uncharted waters following the pandemic storm. Training perspectives, strategies, approaches, and schemes have all been upended. Enhancing leadership and management competency in a new, hybrid, or remote work environment is essential to business success.

Retaining Employees Through Applied Improvisation

CEO World Magazine (

By Theodore Klein

February, 2022

In response to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that forever disrupted the U.S. economy, professional staff in all sectors abandoned their positions at historic rates. Despite bonuses and various incentives, companies at all levels have struggled to retain exemplary staff, resulting in reduced productivity and heavy financial losses. Professional staff are looking for opportunities for growth and to develop their skills, and these desires can be fulfilled when an organization implements applied improvisation techniques at the top. By using AIM programs to improve leadership, build camaraderie, boost employee esteem, improve remote work, and reduce personal stress, organizations will be better suited to retaining valued individuals.

Theodore Klein On The Labor Shortage & The 5 Things We Must Do To Attract & Retain Great Talent

Authority Magazine (

February, 2022

Leaders, Are You Ready To Take The Creative Leap Into The Future?

Leadership Excellence Magazine (

By Theodore Klein

December, 2021

The leaders of today have the unenviable task of adapting to a world that looks remarkably different than it did even just a few years ago. Innovative leadership is a necessity for navigating a challenging landscape that is being shaped by technological advances, social justice causes, and a worldwide healthcare calamity. Inspiring today’s leaders to embrace new management techniques can be as simple as harnessing the scientifically-proven benefits of AIM programs to build interrelationships and encourage staff to collaborate, communicate, and adapt in the moment.

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